Pere, I'm not sure if I'm clear on the windows dancer. The image of the dancer, 
in animation, may be moved all around the display of the desktop, as the dancer 
dances. The image of the body of the dancer is all that is there, it has 
nothing outside of its contour, -for example, it has no usual rectangular 
window space-frame which moves along with it, visible.
Do you know the WINDOWS DANCER I'm talking about???
> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To:> Date: Tue, 15 
> Apr 2008 23:30:58 +0200> Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] windows dancer> > El dt 15 
> de 04 de 2008 a les 17:03 -0400, en/na Adonj Adonj va escriure:> > > The 
> dancers I make using only a few frames, with transparent> > backgrounds, end 
> up with the mid-tone checks appearing along the> > contour of any part of the 
> subject that has moved in each animated> > frame. Is there any way to keep 
> the checks invisible along the entire> > contour of the subject?> > I not 
> fully understand you, but if the problem is that the background> 
> color(transparent but existent) gets mixed with the foreground color on> the 
> edges of the subject, one possible solution is to paint the> background with 
> the colors of the edge, as this, when mixed they will be> the same.> > > 
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