Xavier Mas wrote:
> I need to program some batch actions using Scheme or Perl in GIMP but am not 
> able to see the scripts once they are registered. Scripts are well writed, 
> are example taken from GIMP manual, and I change permissions on the files as 
> they became executables, but still can't see them in the menu.

The proper method for registering scripts has changed slightly in the 2.4 
version of GIMP. The manual you are looking at might be a bit out of date. 
Since you said you made the files executable I think you are mixing up 
differences between Script-Fu scripts and other scripts (and plug-ins) written 
in other languages.

Script-Fu scripts only need to be readable and go in to the 
~/.gimp-2.4/scripts directory. All other scripts and plug-ins need to be 
marked executable and placed in the ~/.gimp-2.4/plug-ins directory.



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