I'm currently trying to write a Script-Fu (actually
my first one), but although I found several online
tutorials on how to go about, I'm still not sure of
the proper syntax for most of the steps I would like
the script to perform. This is basically an advanced
'Unsharp Mask' I have been doing manually so far,
but since I need it very often,  would like to make
a Script-Fu for this.

The steps are:

- Decompose the original RGB image to HSV
- Select the V layer
- Copy the V layer into a  mask
- Select merely the mask
- Perform 'Find Edges (Sobel)' (value: 2.5) on the mask
- Perform 'Gaussian Blur' (value: 2) on the mask
- Make a selection from the mask
- Delete the mask
- Select the V layer with the selection
- Perform 'Unsharp Mask' (value depends upon the image)
- Compose the image back to RGB



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