The code I attached to my previous post had a mistake on line #24  
which should have been:
(set! layer (car (gimp-image-get-active-layer value-image)))

I also should have used 'hue-image' and 'sat-image' when I later  
called 'plug-in-compose' (the code I had functioned fine, it just  
might be a little confusing).

Quoting Frantz de Germain <>:

> I'm new with scripts-fu too. I've had an eye to your script and I   
> saw a lot of " (set! ".
> I thought that it doesn't work any more with TinyScheme.
> (cf.

You still can (and will) use 'set!' in your scripts; but you need to  
create the variable first. Previously, the variable would be created  
automatically if it did not exist.

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