> Quoting ChadDavis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > I've got a rectangle selection.  Now, I am trying to do a subtractive
> > selection within that rectangular selection, to make a sort of picture frame
> > selection.  The problem is that I'm having trouble getting the inner,
> > substractive selection centered within the first rectangle.
> Draw your larger selection and save it to a channel.
> Check the "Expand from center" option in the tool's Option dialog and  
> then click inside the selection to activate the drag handles[*]. Use  
> the handles to resize your rectangle.
> Invert your selection and then intersect it with the previously saved  
> channel (CTL+SHIFT the red button next to the trashcan in the Channels  
> dialog).

Here's a simpler method (no need for saving to a channel) that I
thought would work, but doesn't, and I'm not clear why:

1. Make the first selection. Click inside the rectangle to confirm it.

2. In the Rect Select tool options, switch to Subtract mode, Expand
from Center, and Fixed Aspect Ratio (current).

3. Click in the rectangle again to bring back the resize handles.

4. Resize to define the smaller rectangle (which will be subtracted
from the larger one.

The problem: when you first start the drag from a resize handle in
step 4, the boundaries jump to a rectangle that's not concentric
with the current one, with the positions seemingly random (at least,
I can't see any regularity to which handle creates jumps in which

Is that a bug? If it's not, why does it happen? (I'm seeing this
with the Ubuntu gimp 2.4.5.)

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