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> But you did say  "almost all ..."  so I
> guess there are some that
> were included in earlier versions but no longer?  Is that the case?  We've
> lost some?
> Would it be too much to ask for a kind of rundown on what's been lost,
> what's still available?

There were very few Script-fus that were "lost". Most were just  
relocated in the menus. A couple others were made obsolete because of  
improvements in other features -- for example, the 'save to brush' and  
'save to pattern' are no longer needed because you can now  
"Edit->Paste as->Brush" and "Edit->Paste as->Pattern" (and better  
still, use your clipboard contents directly as a pattern or brush).

The only Script-fus I can think of that have been truly "lost" is a  
'Blend' script written by Sven Neumann which would create an animated,  
fading transition between two layers, using a third layer as a  
backdrop, and a 'Flash' script (I believe also by Sven Neumann) which  
animated a white strip of light moving left-to-right across the image.

Both of those scripts are probably better accomplished with the GIMP  
Animation Package (GAP) but if you need them, I am sure that updated  
versions can be provided.

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