dealing with python-fu quite a while ago (early gimp 2.2, I guess), I
haven't dealt with this for quite a while, just to stumble across it once
again by now, figuring out a few things obviously changed:

- Initially, I used to write up a script, dump it to .gimp/plug-ins, start
the Gimp and find its procedures using the gimp Procedure Browser searching
for "python-fu". It's not the case anymore now, despite the file being still
in .gimp-2.4/plug-ins/ and being marked executable and the code structure
not having changed.

- Likewise, I used something like this to register the script with The Gimp:

   ”merge picture with a blurred version of itself”,
   ”merge picture with a blurred version of itself”,
   ”Kristian Rink”,
   ”Kristian Rink”,



... which obviously doesn't work again as the <Image>/Python-Fu menu is gone
and I fail to relocate the menu entry elsewhere, no matter what I enter as
menu path (<Image>/Filters/Python/... failed...). What to do here? Is there
some pointer outlining how to deal with python scripts in Gimp 2.4?

Any help / hints greatly appreciated. :)

Cheers & best regards,

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