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Sven Neumann schrieb:
>> ... which obviously doesn't work again as the <Image>/Python-Fu menu is gone
>> and I fail to relocate the menu entry elsewhere, no matter what I enter as
>> menu path (<Image>/Filters/Python/... failed...). What to do here? Is there
>> some pointer outlining how to deal with python scripts in Gimp 2.4?
> Are you sure that you have the GIMP Python extension installed at all?

Well... to put it this way: As sure as can be:

- The package seems to be installed in the appropriate version matching
my Gimp:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~ > dpkg -l|grep gimp-python
ii  gimp-python                                2.4.6-1ubuntu1~hardy1
                Python support and plugins for GIMP

- In Gimp, there is an "Extras" -> "Python-Fu" menu which, so far, just
contains a "console".

- Using the "Procedure browser" querying for python-fu leaves me finding
a few entries, yet none of these provided by my own scripts...

I actually would question my installation if it wasn't for these
things... Could anything still be wrong here? Invoking the python
console from within Gimp also works well, same as does "import gimpfu"
in the python console. Anything else I could be overlooking so far?
Platform is Ubuntu 8.04 by the way...

Thanks in advance and best regards,
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