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John Culleton wrote:

> On Tuesday 23 September 2008 05:20:47 am Torsten Neuer wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Am Dienstag, 23. September 2008 10:36:18 schrieb Dotan Cohen:
> > > My printer has a stuck blue nozzle and I am trying to clean it.
> > > Of the blue, yellow, red, and black cartridges, I want to only
> > > print from the blue. I tried to configure a blue-255 colour and
> > > the rest 0, however the printed image still uses a bit from the
> > > red cartridge as the choice of colours differ from those in Gimp.
> > > What colour could I configure, that would translate to blue only
> > > from the printer?
> >
> > Printers are normally CMYK, not RGB. That is why 0000ff will also
> > utilize the other cartridges of the printer, not only cyan.
> > You will therefore have to select 100% C from CMYK colourspace in
> > order to only print from the C cartridge - which is a bit awkward
> > in Gimp, since the program has no direct CMYK support.
> > Nevertheless, you can do so with the colour selector (get to the
> > printer colour selection mode for CMYK colours). The colour will be
> > translated to RGB 00ffff...
> >
> > HTH
> >
> >   Torsten
> ImageMagick will convert from rgb to cmyk after saving the file from 
> Gimp.  If the above RGB 00ffff is used then it should convert to Cyan 
> (not exactly blue.)

Cheaper printers are RBY, not CMYK.  He never said he had an RGB
printer. (I don't think anyone even makes an RGB printer.)  My HP printer,
for example, had a Red-Blue-Yellow cartridge and a black one. I do have
another printer that is CMYK.

Best suggestion so far is to use the printer's clean mode.  Otherwise,
I don't see a big problem with a little bit of red leaking through.

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