2008/9/25 Rikard Johnels <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Spit is probably one of the worst cleaning solvents you can use...
> The nozzles are so small that particles in your spit will clog them.
> This is how the printer technician at my work does it:
> Place the cartridge head down in a shallow bowl with clean water.
> Leave it in for a few hours, wipe it of gently with a clean cloth rag.
> Do NOT use tissuepaper!
> Make sure its dry before you place it back into the printer again.
> This might have to be repeated, but its safe for the nozzles and ink.

Thank you, I will try that. I am wary of water and electronics, but
the cartridge is pretty much all PET or ABS, and I do believe that the
ink is water based.

Dotan Cohen


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