2008/9/23 Don Koch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Cheaper printers are RBY, not CMYK.  He never said he had an RGB
> printer. (I don't think anyone even makes an RGB printer.)  My HP printer,
> for example, had a Red-Blue-Yellow cartridge and a black one. I do have
> another printer that is CMYK.

I should have been clear about that, sorry. The printer cartridge has
red, blue, and yellow reserviors, in fact, it is an HP model.

> Best suggestion so far is to use the printer's clean mode.  Otherwise,
> I don't see a big problem with a little bit of red leaking through.

I have used the printer's clean mode but it is wasting much ink from
the other reserviors, and wasting the black as well. I figure that I
need at least another ten or so passes, maybe more, so I'd like to
save the other colours.

Dotan Cohen


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