[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2008-10-27 at 1842.17 +0100):
> Per Gregers Bilse ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > The font in question is the one used in the buttons on the left (Hour,
> > Day, Week, etc).  I do remember it had an odd name, there was only one
> > of its kind (no bold, italic, etc), and it came in only half a dozen
> > sizes or so.
> That looks like one of the "Fixed" fonts shipped with the X-Server.
> Since Gimp no longer uses the X11-mechanisms for font selection it no
> longer shows up in the font dialog. You need to somehow convince
> fontconfig to provide that font as well. I currently cannot tell you ad
> hoc how to achieve that.

Modern fontconfig has /etc/fonts/ dir with config options and where
you can write a local.conf file. Probably it has some defaults and
other things (alternatives, examples) commented out. In some cases,
there are files you can copy (or better symlinks) from the
"conf.avail" subdir to the "conf.d" subdir and that way activate
things. I see a README explaining all this, and "man fonts.conf" also

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