I want to strip logo from every page of a PDF file and would like a script

- opens a file (say "foo.pdf", preferably allow me to specify source
- specify convert each page to a image with 300dpi resolution
- convert all images (all pages) from RGB (or whatever) to indexed 1-bit
black and white
- save each image with foo_<4 digit page count (i.e. pad the left side with
0>.tiff and specify "CCITT group 4 fax" as the compression algorithm

So that when the script finishes, all I have to do is to get rid of the logo
by the eraser and click "save" again for each image.

Would it be possible to automate the task mentioned above?  If so, would you
please give a script which does this job?  I am only a GIMP newbie and I am
on a tight schedule.


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