On Sun, 2008-11-02 at 20:47 +1300, Daryna Baikadamova wrote:

> - opens a file (say "foo.pdf", preferably allow me to specify source
> filename)
> - specify convert each page to a image with 300dpi resolution
> - convert all images (all pages) from RGB (or whatever) to indexed
> 1-bit black and white
> - save each image with foo_<4 digit page count (i.e. pad the left side
> with 0>.tiff and specify "CCITT group 4 fax" as the compression
> algorithm

Why don't you just use the proper tools for the job? pdftoppm uses the
same PDF rendering engine as the GIMP plug-in does and it is trivial to
process the resulting PPM file to whatever format you need.


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