On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 2:17 PM, Daryna Baikadamova
> okay, so I use an automated tool (maybe ghostscript) to convert each
> page in a PDF file to tiff 300dpi 1-bit BW images named by their page
> number.
> However in GIMP, are there ways to automatically open all tiff files
> in the directory at once?  Then all I need to do for each image is to
> erase the logo, save and close the image.

It might be faster to use imagemagick - something like:

ls *.tif | xargs -l -i convert -fill white -draw 'rectangle
0,0,100,100' {} new_images/{}

You probably need to adjust the coordinates for the rectangle, and the
above command assumes you are inside the directory with the TIFF files
and you have created a new directory inside of it named "new_images".
I'm using linux also - I'm pretty sure imagemagick runs on windows,
but I have no experience with it...

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