Claus Cyrny wrote:

> Olivier Lecarme wrote:
>> Claus Cyrny <> wrote:
>>> libpoppler IS there, as are librsvg, libexif, and libgnomeui-2.0
>>> (I didn't check the rest). Does anyone know what's the matter here?
>>> I downloaded the source from the FTP site (the link is included on
>>> the Download page at
>> You need the headers of the libraries. In dpkg or apt-get words, you
>> need the xxx-dev packages. For example, libpoppler-dev, librsvg-dev, and
>> to on.
> I just installed all dev libraries.
> Merci beaucoup, ;-)
> Claus

I now did compile Gimp 2.6.4 successfully, but the bug (or whatever
this is) remains, :( so that I am forced to install 2.4.7
again, until I have the money to buy an up-to-date PC. :(

BTW, I'm beginning to like the new interface as well as the
improved menu structure, albeit it is different from the one I
am used to. I really regret it that it turned out that way, but
I see no other solution at the moment.

Thanks anyway to all who responded,


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