>John Culleton <j...@wexfordpress.com> writes:
>> How do I change the rulers to measure in inches? The 
>> instructions in the manual are obsolete, and the gimprc 
>> file has no reference that I can find to the units of 
>> measure for the rulers.
>The instructions in the manual are obsolete? What manual? When it
>comes to units, GIMP-2.0 behaves exactly like GIMP-1.2. As long as
>View->Dot for Dot is choosen, the rulers show pixels, if Dot-for-Dot
>mode is turned off, all lenghts are displayed in the image's unit.

I love the Gimp.  However, yesterday, on my daughter's new Vista laptop, I
used the rulers to pull guide lines to a blank page to replicate an Avery
business card template.  Managed to create the first card, then, copy/paste it
as appropriate to populate the template.  My printer is in the basement, so,
rather than carry her laptop downstairs, load a new printer driver onto it,
just to print her cards, I had her email me the xcf file which I opened in
GIMP 2.6 on my machine.  We constructed the template with the rulers showing
inches, but on my machine, they are showing something else (I don't know

I followed your suggestion and turned off dot for dot, but no change in the
rulers. I can bring up the Preferences-Units "window", and there are listed a
selection of units, all of which are checked.  Unchecking these or rechecking
them seem to have no effect on the ruler display.  Can you explain to me what
I am missing.

Also, although I was meticulous in measuring for and laying out the template,
my cards did not line up with the pre-cut forms that we had purchased.

I had spent the better part of two hours on this little project, and we were
running out of time, so, I opened Adobe InDesign with which I am very familiar
and completed the project from scratch in about 15 minutes.

That is not to knock Gimp.  I knew from the start that Gimping the project
was the long way around - but I wanted the experience.  I feel I was almost
there, but would appreciate further help on this ruler business.  Without
units in inches on the ruler, I was consigned to start from scratch in Gimp,
but, even if I had had time, the units showing were not familiar to me (very
large numbers, 1500, etc.).

Sorry to be lengthy, and thanks in advance for any advice.

(my first forum post!)


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