Carusoswi writes:
> Also, although I was meticulous in measuring for and laying out the template,
> my cards did not line up with the pre-cut forms that we had purchased.

Martin already answered your questions about units, so I'll just
address this part. I've done business cards and labels in gimp
( and they can line up
if you get the distances right.

You have to make sure you have an image that matches the size of
your paper, and get the offsets right, of course.  I've tried to do 
labels where I made the image size match up to the outer edges of
the outer labels, then set the offsets in gutenprint, and it was
frustrating and never worked right.

I've only printed with gutenprint, where it's easy to see when
you're printing a full page with zero margins on any corner. I
couldn't get the same amount of control through gtkprint, though
it's gotten a *lot* better in the last few releases and maybe
it would work now. Another option, if you have trouble with gtkprint
not lining up, is to print to postscript or PDF, preview it to
make sure the page size and margins are what you expect, then
print that from another app.

Also, my inkjet printer (YMMV) varies quite a lot from page to page,
so even if I create a perfect template at the perfect size, printed
labels may not register exactly with the label sheet. So you
need to make sure any text doesn't go all the way out to the edges
of the label, and that any background is wide enough to spill over
the edges quite a bit. Drawing a neat box just inside the edges is
right out, unfortunately. Maybe some printers are better at that.

> That is not to knock Gimp.  I knew from the start that Gimping the project
> was the long way around - but I wanted the experience.  I feel I was almost

That's exactly the right attitude. There are lots of apps designed
for printing labels and business cards, but I like having the option
of making them in GIMP because it gives me the option of printing at
high quality and high resolution. I always keep in mind that this
isn't really what gimp is for, so if I have to do a little extra
fiddling compared to glabels, it's my choice.

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