On Sunday 29 March 2009, Carusoswi wrote:
> I have been browsing various websites and am intrigued by some of the
> Python scripts I see offered.  However, to date, I don't seem to be able to
> get Python or any scripts working on my system.  Right now, I'm running
> Gimp 2.6.6 on Windows XP.  I am particularly interested in getting the
> Publish to Web script working.
> In reviewing some of the instructions on installing Publish to Web, I see
> that Python has to be installed on my system, so, I downloaded it, ran the
> installer, and Python shows up in my Windows start-->all programs menu, but
> I don't see a Python directory in my Gimp directory tree, and, of course,
> py scripts are not being recognized by Gimp.
> I am obviously on the wrong track here, and, not being a programmer have
> lost my way.

for little official as it seens to be
is the easiest resource to get gimp + python scritps running on windows.

There is a shrotcoming both in GIMP documentation and on windows propper 
support for an enviroment where software projects colaborate with one another 
instead of compete. Sorry for that.  


> Advice would be much appreciated.

> Thanks.
> Caruso

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