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Hello GIMP users,
I'm going to be developing a batch image processor plugin for GIMP, and I'd like to know which functions should be the first on my list. Obviously, scaling is the first priority, because I use that to optimize pictures for my websites. However, past that, I'm not sure which functions are the most used. Should I add ... [ ... ] What are the most important functions for you?

I have never done this sort of thing but, from what I have learned, the
last thing I would do is sharpen the image and the step before that
would be to size the image.

I personally would really like to have

a) Resampling
b) 'Smart' Unsharp Mask

available, which I use quite frequently.

The latter is an advanced  'Unsharp Mask'
technique, which goes as follows:

1.) Decompose the image to HSV
2.) Select the 'V' layer
3.) Copy this layer into a mask
4.) Perform 'Find Edges (Sobel)' on the  mask
5.) Perform a 'Gaussian Blur' (value: 0.35 ... 0.50)
on the mask
6.) Mask -> selection
6.) Delete the mask
7.) Perform 'Unsharp Mask' on the now-selected 'V' layer
8.) Compose the image back to RGB

The results one gets when using this technique are visibly
better than a mere 'Unsharp Mask'.



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