Ernie Wright wrote:
> Note that in order for this to work, you need to (1) HOLD DOWN the Alt 
> key while entering the character code, and (2) enter the 0 digit at 
> the start of the code.
Thanks, Ernie. In my OP in the thread, I while I did not write that it 
was necessary to use the leading "0", the character designations I gave 
all had it. Even though when I hold down the "alt" key, and use the 
leading "0" to access a special character in my installation of WIN XP 
home SP3, I get the expected character in every other application, I 
never get the expected character in GIMP. (NB: I just discovered this 
behavior in GIMP 2.6.6; I don't know whether it is true in previous 
versions or not.)

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