I think the issue is closely related to what language locale your system is set to and what font you are using at that moment. I tried the

[turn on the num lock key]
[hold down the right-side Alt key]
type the key code I'm interested in on the right side numeric keypad, with the zero first
[release the Alt key]

And this often gives me the special character I'm interested in, such as Alt+0163 for the British pound sterling symbol:


I also tried to get this symbol on Windows XP Professional quickly:


But I used the wrong keycode of Alt+0133 which in Windows gives me three periods (...) and on Fedora 11 Beta, apparently a nonprinting character:

So, I might get unexpected characters or no characters if there is no equivalent to the 'U. S. English' locale I'm using on Windows XP Professional. And I might not get the characters I want if the font I'm using doesn't have them.

I think it would be extremely useful to research the Microsoft Knowledgebase to learn more details about how the locale currently in use affects insertion of special characters, and how to temporarily switch locales, or how to grab a character that belongs to a locale not being used.

And no, I'm not at all an expert on language or locales. I'm simply suggesting that researching more in the topic will give helpful answers.

There is also a unicode character reference somewhere out there on the web that I've used now and then.


On 04/27/2009 11:06 AM, DJ wrote:?

NS> Jernej Simonc(ic( wrote:
GTK+ has it's own method of inputting Unicode codepoints - press
Ctrl+Shift+U, then type the hex code. It would be nice if it supported the
system way of Unicode hex input, too though.

It appears to be a limitation/non-feature of GTK and Windows. I doubt
they are preventing it, they just aren't passing the key sequence onto
the application/Gimp.


"GTK+ uses Ctrl-Alt-Shirt-u for Unicode hex insert. Windows users are used to
Alt decimal insert. GTK+ (at least on Windows) should support both."


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