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> If I use the paths tool and drag to move I get a horrible green mess of
> breadcrumbs where the tool has been. I also get this on any other tools
> when moving around. I've tried it on two different machines now (both
> running Ubuntu) and I can't stop it.

I've seen this before though its been awhile.  I'm pretty sure it comes
from GIMPs interaction with particular X drivers, but I can't remember
if it was nVidia or Intel.  I think it was nVidia.  If you have an
nVidia card, there are two drivers: the open source "nouveau" and the
nVidia provided "nvidia".  Whichever driver you're using, try switching
to the other driver and see if that helps.

Oh wait, you're using Ubuntu.  Don't know if nVidia's driver is
available in .deb packaging.  I use Fedora and there are RPMs for it.
Guess you'll just have to dig around for it.

You can also try disabling 3D acceleration to see if that helps.  Some
of the 3D driver support caused problems on intel graphics chips for
awhile.  I disable all 3D fluff on my systems since I don't play games
and don't really need it anywhere else.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.  I just don't remember what I did that
cleared the problem.
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