STINGER writes:
> If I use the paths tool and drag to move I get a horrible green mess of
> breadcrumbs where the tool has been. I also get this on any other tools
> when moving around. I've tried it on two different machines now (both
> running Ubuntu) and I can't stop it.

Do the green lines go away if you redraw the window? (For example,
cover it with another window then uncover it.) Do the two machines
have similar video cards?  

Artifacts like that are usually bugs in the video driver. I see
them sometimes with ATI graphics cards, especially older Radeons.
They usually seem to come from drawing with an XOR operation ...
apparently some video drivers, especially the ati/radeon driver,
can't handle that quite right. (It may be the hardware not handling
it right -- looking at bugzilla it looks like the problem happens
with ATI cards on Windows as well.)

Here's a bugzilla bug that discussed the problem, some time back,
with lots of duplicates, some of which have screenshots that look
a lot like yours:

A comment in that bug suggests adding the following line to your
gimprc file (located in your gimp profile, ~/.gimp-2.6/gimprc):

 (xor-color (color-rgb 1.0 1.0 1.0))

Try that and see if it helps.

Good luck!

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