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> The graphics guy sent me our logo as a .jpg so I created a new file with the
> appropriate dimensions in the lasest GIMP for windows. I imported and scaled
> down the logo to the appropriate size and placed it at the top, finished
> adding the text, combined the layers and exported as a .tiff for the printer.
> The logo and text resolution on the print out was terrible... I tried printing
> it in the original GIMP format and as jpeg... same quality.
> I then tried created the same add in Word 2007 and the image and text quality
> was excellent :( I am a linux user and was rather frustrated and confused when
> Word produced better print quality than GIMP. Any explanation or help greatly
> appreciated. Thanks

Your problem is obviously a problem of resolution, especially when you
compare a raster application like GIMP to a vectorial application like
Word. What were your "appropriate sizes"? I suspect you appreciated them
on your screen at 100 dpi, while your printer needs at least 300 dpi.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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