On Tuesday 09 June 2009 09:59:10 pm bumpkin wrote:
> The graphics guy sent me our logo as a .jpg so I created a new
> file with the appropriate dimensions in the lasest GIMP for
> windows. I imported and scaled down the logo to the appropriate
> size and placed it at the top, finished adding the text, combined
> the layers and exported as a .tiff for the printer. The logo and
> text resolution on the print out was terrible... I tried printing
> it in the original GIMP format and as jpeg... same quality.
> I then tried created the same add in Word 2007 and the image and
> text quality was excellent :( I am a linux user and was rather
> frustrated and confused when Word produced better print quality
> than GIMP. Any explanation or help greatly appreciated. Thanks
> -B

As my father would say, there are horses for courses.

Although Gimp has some nice type effects it is not really a 
typesetting engine.   In a book or an ad small type is  vector in 
nature. Gimp is basically bitmap in nature.  

I find that using a combination of tools works best. For example you 
could create your ad in Gimp except for the small type. Import that 
image into Scribus and set the type there overlaying the graphic 
art.   You could use TeX also (particularly the Context variant) 
but that is a lot more trouble. 

For examples of Gimp/Scribus combination images please visit
http://wexfordpress.net/illos.html.   Look at the Loon Lake Legacy 
romantic novel example in  particular. The main title type is from 
a Gimp logo with some layers supressed.  The spine and the back 
cover type is set by Scribus.  This particular book cover image is 
created at 72 DPI for web use. For a real book I would use 300 DPI. 
John Culleton
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