On Saturday 04 July 2009 23:06:55 Ashutosh S. wrote:
> >Ashutosh S. wrote:
> >> I am new to GIMP can anybody tell me how to this in GIMP check the pic
> >> at
> http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_7ZYqYi4xigk/SkuOtxD_GVI/AAAAAAAAD-s/m4JhUHCC_Bw/s
> >Looks like they did two screen shots, (print screen), focused in on the
> >items, cut them and pasted them to a new picture.
> But how they produced the shadow that too in 3d box effect, actually I
> searched a lot on the net to check what this process can be called but no
> clue, can anybody suggest

You could use the path tool to create the boxes' edges. Then convert that path 
to selection and apply a gradient to that selection (all of this on a separate 
layer), the gradient would be from black to transparent.
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