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> But how they produced the shadow that too in 3d box effect, actually I
> searched a lot on the net to check what this process can be called but no
> clue, can anybody suggest

I would probably call it an "exploded view".

First, you need to select and copy the area you want to "explode".
Second, paste that to new layer.
Third, use the Scale and Move tools to increase the size of and  
reposition the exploded layer.
Fourth, use the Paths tool to draw a path around the outside corners  
of both the original region and the exploded layer (see the path I  
created in the XCF file below).
Fifth, create a new transparent layer and place it between the two  
existing layers.
Sixth, perform a "Select->From path"
Seventh, use the Blend tool to draw a "FG to transparent" gradient on  
the transparent layer.
Eighth, optionally reduce the Opacity of the gradient layer.

If you load the following file into GIMP, you will see an example  
which contains all of the elements described above (original  
selection, path, and layers).


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