>>Greg S. wrote:
>>> Hi, i have already installed babl and gegl but still no good when
>>> using
>>> ./configure This is driving me nuts.
>>What about the
>>"Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
>>installed software in a non-standard prefix."
>>part? If you need help to understand this one you should say so,
>>otherwise people will assume that you are actually doing what it
>> suggests.
>>Yes I need all the help I can get. Please advise me how to do this.
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH what am I to do to make this work. Please explain to
> me like I
> am a 5 year old.

You don't say what you are using as an OS, but what you are missing in
my mind, are the development files for gegl and babl

if you built babl and gegl from scratch, no problems, but sounds like
you might be using Ubuntu or fedora. So look in you package manager
for things like gegl-dev and babl-dev

If you built babl and gegl in some non standard directory, you need to
tell the system where to find them, hence;

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/non_standard/directory/lib/pkgconfig




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