I hope you don't change GIMP too much.  I'm just getting
used to the way it works now.

I've never used PS so I don't care how PS does things.

David Gowers wrote:

> This is certainly true; all of your points are true.
> This is being worked on.
> However, the specific idea of 'effect layers' is regarded as severely
> broken (basically cause it makes nonsense of the whole layers concept:
> all layers have content, but oh! effect layers don't. all layers have
> blending mode, but oops! effect layers don't. it's user-unfriendly in
> this marked inconsistency.)
> The implementation I believe we are currently aiming for is instead
> oriented around the idea of being able to attach any number of effects
> to a given layer group (btw, martin nordholts is doing some great work
> on layer trees presently and in the last few months.. they are shaping
> up well.)
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