> > Ok, but, when you merge, do you not lose the ability to go back and fix
> > something that you might decide needs adjusting?
> Yes, which is why you don't merge until. you're absolutely sure that 
> everything you're merging is to your satisfaction. And if there are a 
> couple of layers which you're not quite certain about yet, one can merge 
> the layers below those, and still reduce the file size. I haven't 
> explored this yet, and may be wrong, but it might just be that if there 
> is one small area that needs a fix, that one can make a layer just big 
> enough to manage the fix, rather than making the layer the full size of 
> the image. One thing that might reduce the size of the file a bit, is 
> that if there is only a small bit of something that needs fixing, to make
> > I would thing that layers in an xcf file would only represent
> > references to adjustments and the underlying file 
> I think a better visualization of layers is to consider them like an 
> overlay on a projector, and that the layer containing the change is 
> independent of the layer to which the change relates, until the two are 
> merged together.
> > I'm just a-wonderin' why the xcf files grow so large.
> >   
> I suspect that becuase you have a number of layers all the same size as 
> the image.

Also the size of the file will grow even larger when you start to use
layer masks.


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