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Dear all,
I have a question and maybe it is easy to answer and has been answered before although I didn't find it in the FAQ's.

When I try to scale a foto in order to get it passport photo size it looses quality.

Seems like a confusion about the scaling process. Your printer probably prints color at 300 or 600 dpi. When you work on that size of an image on your computer screen, your computer monitor probably only displays about 96 dots per inch (pixels per inch). That means that at 100% size, the photo will look HUGE on your computer screen at 100% zoom. That is how it is supposed to be. At 100% size on a printout from your printer, the photo will be much smaller, because your printer uses smaller dots to print the image.

It's like a mosaic made of tiles. If I give you tiles that are the size of your fingernail, and tell you to create a smiley-face mosaic with those tiles, you'll have a fairly small mosaic. But if I give you the same number of tiles that are the size of dinner plates, your mosaic will be much bigger. But both mosaics have the same amount of detail, because you're working with the same number of tiles.

Printer = small tiles (dots)
Monitor = big tiles (pixels)

If you use the scale image command to resize your image in GIMP before printing, you are losing quality and will print an inferior quality image.

This may help you: Some people prefer to save the "huge" image from GIMP in PNG format, then import that photo into e.g. OpenOffice and scale the photo to size (in inches or cm) there. When you print, you'll have a nice high-res photo.
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