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> I'm using GIMP 2.6.6 that came with my Ubuntu 9.04 distro.   I've been trying
> to learn about GIMP.  I bought a book about GIMP for $45.  The book says there
> should be a menu item called DIALOGS in the FILE menu but my GIMP doesn't have
> the DIALOGS option.  The option is very essential, but I don't have it.  Also
> there should be a menu bar at the top of my toolbox but my GIMP has no menu
> bar there.  Also there is something called Script-Fu or maybe TinyScheme that
> is missing from my GIMP.   Probably many other things are missing but I don't
> know because I am not familiar enough.
> Is there some plug-in or upgrade package that will give me the menu option
> called DIALOGS in the FILE menu?  Has anybody here had these problems I
> described?

Yes, there is a downgrade package called 'Gimp 2.4'  that will give
you the obsolete menus you described.

Chances are, there is nothing missing; it just isn't where you expect it to be.

1. there is no script-fu menu any more (although there is a
'script-fu' submenu in the filters menu, which AFAIK contains just the
script-fu console). Script-fu now register in appropriate menu
locations according to their respective function -- for example logo
creation scripts are registered in File->Create->Logo, IIRC.
2. the Windows->Dockable Dialogs menu is probably what you actually
want when you talk about the DIALOGS menu.
3. various other rationalizations and reorganizations of the menu
structure have been done since your book was written.
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