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>> I'm using GIMP 2.6.6 that came with my Ubuntu 9.04 distro.   I've been
>> to learn about GIMP.  I bought a book about GIMP for $45.  The book says
>> should be a menu item called DIALOGS in the FILE menu but my GIMP doesn't
>> the DIALOGS option.  The option is very essential, but I don't have it. 
>> there should be a menu bar at the top of my toolbox but my GIMP has no
>> bar there.  Also there is something called Script-Fu or maybe TinyScheme
>> is missing from my GIMP.   Probably many other things are missing but I
>> know because I am not familiar enough.
>> Is there some plug-in or upgrade package that will give me the menu
>> called DIALOGS in the FILE menu?  Has anybody here had these problems I
>> described?
>Yes, there is a downgrade package called 'Gimp 2.4'  that will give
>you the obsolete menus you described.
>Chances are, there is nothing missing; it just isn't where you expect it to
>1. there is no script-fu menu any more (although there is a
>'script-fu' submenu in the filters menu, which AFAIK contains just the
>script-fu console). Script-fu now register in appropriate menu
>locations according to their respective function -- for example logo
>creation scripts are registered in File->Create->Logo, IIRC.
>2. the Windows->Dockable Dialogs menu is probably what you actually
>want when you talk about the DIALOGS menu.
>3. various other rationalizations and reorganizations of the menu
>structure have been done since your book was written.

Thanks for the info

Bill S. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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