I use The Gimp to edit my photographs, which I shoot with a Canon EOS 50D.
I shoot always RAW, and use the propietary Canon software (DPP) to
process the pictures a bit before converting them to jpeg (max
conversion quality) with a resolution of  350 dpi.

But when I open this jpg with the Gimp, either through the 'print size'
dialog, the 'image scale' dialog or the 'image properties' dialog, seems
to me that the Gimp takes it as 72 dpi resolution. Out of curiosity,
I've just open the same image with both the Gimp and Photoshop Elements,
and Elements states that it has a resolution of 350 dpi (as expected).

I had never noticed that! Thing is that every time I scale down an
image, the Gimp sets 72 dpi as default for resolution.

All of my images are at this (low) resolution now (which doesn't matter
as I've kept the original RAW files). I didn't notice this when I was
working with the Gimp, till a few days ago that a friend told me -when I
showed him my pics- that I should keep resolution higher when
downscaling jpgs.

Am I missing something here? Any ideas?

I must confess that I have never worried about the resolution before,
and I don't think I understand this issue completely.



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