Thank you all for the responses, they have been useful to me.

Sven Neumann wrote:

> Most likely your software embeds the resolution information into the
> Exif metadata and fails to update the resolution in the JFIF header.
> That's a minor problem as the resolution is really just some arbitrary
> number and pretty much meaningless for photographs.

Ok, I can understand this; maybe the software just creates exif data for
resolution, but doesn't care about the right JFIF header.
I've set the Gimp to use 350x350 by default, that will do.

> There is a bug report about the JPEG plug-in failing to recognize the
> resolution in the Exif data. If you care, feel free to provide a patch
> to fix this.

I see your point; but unfortunately it is not an option for me to try to
do this.
Despite I have worked as a developer, it is not an option for me to set
a suitable development environment, with all the libraries and
dependencies and all, and then get acquainted with the internals of the
Gimp, and get acquainted with the coding style, and so on and so forth.

I'd like to, but I simply don't have the time.

All the same, I've discovered myself thinking that when the time is
right, the Gimp would be one of the open source projects I'd like to get
involved with (as a developer, maybe taking care of some bug or
something) if I found my skills were good enough.

Thanks for the tips, and thanks for all the wonderful work done by the
developers of the Gimp.



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