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> I had never noticed that! Thing is that every time I scale down an
> image, the Gimp sets 72 dpi as default for resolution.

maybe the gimp selects the default dpi as set in
edit->preferences->default image

> All of my images are at this (low) resolution now (which doesn't matter
> as I've kept the original RAW files). I didn't notice this when I was
> working with the Gimp, till a few days ago that a friend told me -when I
> showed him my pics- that I should keep resolution higher when
> downscaling jpgs.
> Am I missing something here? Any ideas?
> I must confess that I have never worried about the resolution before,
> and I don't think I understand this issue completely.

As long as you are using pixels as units for rescaling there is no
problem with the DPI.
GIMP works with pixels and thus the DPI is only an information so any
program manipulating
the image can know its actual dimensions.

This is useful for example when printing or rescaling image to a
"natural" size. You can always
change the DPI of the image without modifying the actual pixels.

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