On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 16:12 +0200, Jaime Seuma wrote:

> I use The Gimp to edit my photographs, which I shoot with a Canon EOS 50D.
> I shoot always RAW, and use the propietary Canon software (DPP) to
> process the pictures a bit before converting them to jpeg (max
> conversion quality) with a resolution of  350 dpi.
> But when I open this jpg with the Gimp, either through the 'print size'
> dialog, the 'image scale' dialog or the 'image properties' dialog, seems
> to me that the Gimp takes it as 72 dpi resolution. Out of curiosity,
> I've just open the same image with both the Gimp and Photoshop Elements,
> and Elements states that it has a resolution of 350 dpi (as expected).

Most likely your software embeds the resolution information into the
Exif metadata and fails to update the resolution in the JFIF header.
That's a minor problem as the resolution is really just some arbitrary
number and pretty much meaningless for photographs.

There is a bug report about the JPEG plug-in failing to recognize the
resolution in the Exif data. If you care, feel free to provide a patch
to fix this.


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