On 11/28/09, Jennifer Mohr wrote:

> 2] There's no main menu (File, Tools, Edit, etc, etc) at the top of the
> GIMP Tool page. I can't open files, start new files, open the layers or
> brush pages. I have to go to one of my already opened files to do this.
> Its really annoying!

Well, think about it from a different angle: before, when you closed
the last image, all you had were just two thin floating dockers, so
you had to drop a new image on just one of them and exactly in the
right place. And on systems where windows of these dockers were
utility windows, you would have a tough time looking for these
dockers, because, believe or not, these windows were not listed in the
windows pager. So now you have a whole window that solves exactly this
issue. Besides, this window is just a first step to upcoming optional
single-window mode.

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