Greetings all;

I have a B&W Brother HL-2140 printer, that I normally use with a color 
computer, all setup and working in cups, in addition to several different 
profiles for an Epson NX515 combo printer that I bought to replace my old 
Epson C82 when the printhead in it finally expired.

Everytime I run gimp to print something, I am reminded that its printer 
database is totally independent of the cups database.  And for some reason, 
tossing a gimp loaded .jpg at the NX515 only gets me about 80 pages of blank 
paper.  Or a printer jam, this NX515 is a POS compared to the old C82.

So my question is: Where do I put the BR2140.ppd that cups uses so that the 
gutenprint plug-in can also find it?  The regular print dialog has no 
knowledge of this printer, and nowhere near enough controls to be usable.

My wife, who needs about 8 pages of a Contata Finale piece printed on regular 
paper so they'll lay flat on the piano while she plays them, is checking to 
see if I've got this done yet about every station break on the tv.  And my 
sanity, if I ever had any, is receding.   Help!


Cheers, Gene
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