Gene Heskett writes:
> >So my question is: Where do I put the BR2140.ppd that cups uses so that the
> >gutenprint plug-in can also find it?  The regular print dialog has no
> >knowledge of this printer, and nowhere near enough controls to be usable.

The regular (GTK) print dialog should see CUPS-registered printers.
Gutenprint doesn't -- for Gutenprint you have to add each printer
yourself, and it doesn't have drivers for a lot of printers that
CUPS supports just fine, so you have to use "Postscript Level II"
and do without any special features the printer might otherwise offer.
For Gutenprint, try asking on the gimp-print list (they're friendly)
to find out if there's a way to install a ppd manually.

> It is then printed portrait, full sized.  Any other method prints it 
> landscape, slightly smaller in scale and still with some of the bottom 
> clipped off.

I've had a lot of trouble controlling details like edges and borders.
With my HP and the GTK print dialog, I managed briefly to get
borderless (full bleed) prints, but something changed in the CUPS
settings and now I get unpredictable margin sizes, and I haven't
found the magic setting to turn borderless back on. I didn't
have any better luck when I had an Epson and used Gutenprint.
Accurate printing from GIMP still involves some luck and black magic.

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