On Monday 28 December 2009, Akkana Peck wrote:
>Gene Heskett writes:
>> >So my question is: Where do I put the BR2140.ppd that cups uses so that
>> > the gutenprint plug-in can also find it?  The regular print dialog has
>> > no knowledge of this printer, and nowhere near enough controls to be
>> > usable.
>The regular (GTK) print dialog should see CUPS-registered printers.

Yes and no.  It sees them, but I've had to add them before it works.

>Gutenprint doesn't -- for Gutenprint you have to add each printer
>yourself, and it doesn't have drivers for a lot of printers that
>CUPS supports just fine,

Or reconfigure it by figuring out where to put the HL-2140.ppd.gz package, 
which I believe I have done now:
[r...@coyote ups]# locate HL2140.ppd.gz

So that one is working.  And it now appears I need to do the same thing for 
my new NX-515 all-in-one, but that brings up another problem.  I cannot leave 
the xsane dialog open to the scanner in it, and print at the same time, the 
print jobs then apparently go to /dev/null, and the printer icons green ready 
button in the FF display turns yellow, not red.  I tried to use the NX515's 
built in copy function, but the copy was so bad it went straight to the round 
file.  So if there are multiple pages to copy, I have to get them, save them, 
close out the xsane dialog, then reload, do any adjustments, and then print.
And when the printing didn't work, it made a 20 minute job for 8 pages into a 
4 hour job.  Foomatics NX400.ppd almost works with this, as does mtink, but 
it says all the color tanks are empty all the time.

And mtink, I need working badly as the thing doesn't tell you which tank is 
low.  Does it expect you to replace all 4 tanks at almost $90 USD everytime 
one runs out?  If so, I will shortly have enough in this one to be able to 
afford a color laser, if I could stand the orange color of their reds.

Recommendations please?


>For Gutenprint, try asking on the gimp-print list (they're friendly)

except for Waugh, its his way or the hiway, so I eventually unssubbed.

>to find out if there's a way to install a ppd manually.

I resubscribed (I think) and posted a query there on 11/17/2009, but no 
replies have been received.  No traffic from the list at all...  Not even a 
reminder from mailman.  I'll go see if it will let me login.  No, so my 
subscription didn't stick.

rant mode ON!

Dammit I'm sick of sourceforge's CRS, enough so that I would never host a 
project of mine there.  I'm a maintainer of the nitros9 project, and it 
forgot about me about a week after I setup the account 4 or 5 years ago so I 
haven't been able to do a cvs submission since and it won't let be setup a 
new account, claims I already exist.  Fuggem.


>> It is then printed portrait, full sized.  Any other method prints it
>> landscape, slightly smaller in scale and still with some of the bottom
>> clipped off.
>I've had a lot of trouble controlling details like edges and borders.
>With my HP and the GTK print dialog, I managed briefly to get
>borderless (full bleed) prints, but something changed in the CUPS
>settings and now I get unpredictable margin sizes, and I haven't
>found the magic setting to turn borderless back on.

That option, as you know, comes from the driver, and is displayed and 
changeable from the gutenprint gui gimp calls here, and hasn't changed with 
any cups updates, currently at 1.3.11 here.  However there are some miss-cues 
in the NX515 when being driven by the NX400 driver ppd, which is the newest 
one I can find.  Trying some modes will only empty the paper chute for 
instance.  My one message to the list did get there, and I offered to be a 
crash test dummy/mule, so I figured that would generate some traffic.  No.  
And now I'm not subbed (again).

>I didn't
>have any better luck when I had an Epson and used Gutenprint.
>Accurate printing from GIMP still involves some luck and black magic.

That depends on the printer.  My old C82, using the C84 driver ppd, was photo 
perfect, I've sold wedding prints out of it!  Until after > 2 kilobucks in 
ink over many years and at least half a ton of paper, the print head finally 
failed.  This NX515 I will need to fight with till its obsolete, at which 
point we may have a good driver for it. ;-)  With luck.  And that luck does 
NOT include sourceforge.

>       ...Akkana

Thanks Akkana

Cheers, Gene
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