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> On 1/18/2010 8:53 AM, Robert L Cochran wrote:
>> I top post.
>> I don't think it helps to beat on people for their posting styles. It 
>> helps simply to respond to the issue under discussion.
>> Bob
> <snip>
> The problem with top posting, a problem no one seems to understand
> despite it being so simple, is that top-posting BREAKS THE NORMAL
> bottom to top, it's top to bottom.
> With top posting you read the solution before you ever learn what the
> problem was. Also, not editing out information you aren't directly
> responding to wastes bandwidth (whether or not broadband penetration is
> high in your country (US is ranked 17th for broadband penetration) is of
> no concern). It wastes bandwidth and takes up extra, unnecessary room on
> a users computer or in their mail account.
> <...>
I always try to adhere to nettiquette standards, so I will try not to
top-post. But I always completely disagree with the reasons given for it.
Of course, if someone reads a complete thread at once, the argument
given mostly is correct: you read the original post first, and the
following posts after that in sequence. So than top-posting makes clumsy
reading indeed.
But that' s not how at least *I* read messages on the many mailing lists
I follow. When new postings to an existing thread arrive in my mailbox,
I have read the postings prior to that post already earlier, so I don' t
have to read them again. For me, scrolling down all the previous
postings is a waste of time and energy. And frustrating, to be honest...
Same goes for snail mail: all the letters that came in yesterday and
before are on a stack already, and the new letters that come in today go
on top of that.
So not for every single human on the planet top-posting breaks the
normal reading behaviour (unless, of course, I'm not considered a human
being on this planet :-))
Again, I will adhere to nettiquette, but I felt I should give some

By the way, the GIMP is a great program!

regards, Jogchum Reitsma

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