I've had this problem myself. I'm going to make a guess here - you
automatically clear out your temp folder on reboot? Or have it on a ram-disk
or something similar?

Gimp stores it's font cache, by default, under the system temp folder. So, if
the temp folder is cleared on reboot, fonts are re-indexed the next time GIMP

There's a fairly painless solution. Go to "C:\Program
Files\GIMP-2.0\etc\fonts" and create a new file called "conf.d" (not
local.conf, as the documentation would suggest). In that file, put the text:


That will make GIMP store the font cache in "C:\Users\<user
name>\.gimp-2.6\fonts\cache", which to me is a much more sensible place to
have it. Of course, you can choose a different path, if you prefer.


>When I start up my GIMP in windows, it indexes the fonts every first time
that I start after a reboot.
>I am using windows 7, is there anyway to tell gimp not to index the fonts ?
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