I am using Gimp 2.6.6 on Linux (Ubuntu 8.04)

It just occurred to me that it would be really handy to be able to
enlarge the _canvas_ by dragging.  I am not sure what should be the
"handle" for dragging.  Drag "some handle" while holding down "some
keyboard key".

I have searched and not found any information about such a feature
already existing.  Am I correct that such does not currently exist in
the latest version?

Would such a feature be useful to others?

Unfortunately, I completely lack the skills to implement such, much less
completely define it.

What I envision would be:

- With entire image selected, while holding down some keyboard key, drag
to enlarge the canvas.

  - Dragging on one of the four sides would increase the canvas size
    on that side.

  - Dragging on one of the four corners would increase the size on two
    sides in that corner's direction.

- Thus the enlargement is _not_ proportional.  I suppose one could do
    a SHIFT + keyboard key to make it proportional.

- Layers: The Resize Layers (when changing canvas size) issue that we
have been discussing the last couple of days rears its ugly head here.
In order for this suggested drag feature to work, the user must have
control of the Resize Layers setting.  Currently, Resize Layers _always_
defaults to None unless manually changed in the dialog (but even if
changed in that dialog, as soon as you dismiss that dialog, it goes back
to None).  So, that behavior (or some control over remembering a
setting) would probably have to be changed in order for this whole drag
thing to work.

- Floating Selection: This drag feature must be possible while a
floating selection is currently active and floating.  That is part of
the point; that the canvas was not big enough to put the floating
selection where I want to put it, thus I am increasing the canvas size.

Disclaimer: My understanding of the potential ramifications of this
suggestion is extremely limited because in my work flow, I only a)
increase size of canvas (I don't use Canvas Size to decrease size); b)
am usually only working with one or two layers and pasting in elements
in (floating selections); c) I don't work with complex images.

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