I have just downloaded the new installers for the stable 2.6.10 version and the 
Gimp Help:
and executed them to install 2.6.10 on my Windows XP Pro SP3.

GIMP is doing well except that there is a problem with the Help (and the 

I recall having had the same poblems with my first installation of GIMP. 

When running the intallator I chose Dutch as my language. And as several other 
people here are not really familiar with English I thought that donwloading the 
"nl"-help would be OK. I have indeed everything, although a (very) great part 
is NOT translated in Dutch:


Now seeing the error-message in #1596062 image I think that I should have the 
"en"-helpversion downloaded? That's what GIMP is searching for and not finding? 
In the Help-settings it says that the Users's manual is not locally installed:


Or otherwise, in order to keep as much as possible of the Dutch translation, I 
might perhaps better just change the name of the existing directory/folder to 
"en" instead of "nl" ?? Would that be enough to lure GIMP into giving its help??

Thanks in advance for any expert advice.

André Anckaert

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