On 10/15/2010 09:30 AM, John Culleton wrote:
> On Thursday 14 October 2010 18:09:18 ChadBJX wrote:
>>> Chad,
>>> Can you print _anything_ from Gimp?
>>> If you can print a very tiny image, maybe it is a printer memory
>>> problem.
>>> Sorry, I can't help further.  I don't have Vista and I am sitting
>>> here happily emailing from Ubuntu.  ;-)
>>> I will have to get Vista soon (for certain software we will be
>>> required to use), but I will run that under Vmware on the Ubuntu
>>> (as I do with XP, W2K, Win95, and RedHat Linux, and Unixware!).
>>> Jay
>> Hi Jay,
>> Thanks for the idea. I was trying to print a fairly large graphic
>> file size. Will try a small simple graphic and will also try saving
>> as a .jpg instead of Gimp's default format and see if that works
>> for me. I'll let you know but it may be a few days until I can get
>> back to the forum to let you know. Thanks again.
>> I love forums -- You usually get the best answers there.  :)
>> Chad

John Culleton wrote:
> I don't try to use the print capabilities of Gimp, of Inkscape, of
> Krita, of Scribus or whatever. It is easier to save a file (PDF
> anyone?) and print that file out using e.g., Acrobat Reader.
> And now a question. Why are you "upgrading" to the effectively
> abandoned product Vista? Would not Windows 7 make more sense?

CHAD: .jpg is a _lossy_ image file format (even at the highest quality 
It is probably not an issue if you are printing to a low-quality printer, but 
aware that _every_ time you save a .jpg, the image quality is lessened.  If for 
some reason you must save/export to .jpg keep the original image and always do 
all editing in the original image.

I don't have any problems printing from Gimp, even to a cheap, low-memory 
ink-jet, but then I am on Ubuntu Linux.

JOHN:  IMHO, the idea of having go through yet another file format (PDF) and 
program (Acrobat) just to print is not an acceptable long-term solution.  I 
had images that I needed to print to a cheap ink-jet printer (because that was 
the only printer available at the time due to service problems) and simply had 
to have a print right now.  Due to the printer's lack of calibration, I had to 
tweak a _copy_ of the image to get colors to come out as needed -- I had to 
print about 12 times to dial it in.  If I had to make a PDF each time, it would 
have taken much, much longer.

Regarding Vista vs Windows 7, etc., I did not write clearly.  I will have to 
install whatever version of Windoze the required software demands.  But it will 
be installed under Vmware Workstation and run under Vmware Player, allowing 
single Windoze instance to be run from any physical workstation on the network.

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