I'm new to Gimp and love it. I'm using version 2.6.10 on a laptop running Win 
Vista. But I do have a problem (besides using Windows - I prefer Ubuntu but 
stuck with Windows here). I just bought a Kodak ESP 3250 printer. I can't get 
the printer to print from Gimp, I get a message that the printer isn't found. I 
can Scan from it (it's a printer/scanner)using Gimp. I can also print with the 
printer using WordPad (Windows text editor) and can print from an old copy of 
Paint Shop Pro (vr. 7) Also, when I try to print from Gimp it seems to bog down 
or something. Much later, when shutting down the printer, I did get a message 
asking if I was sure I wanted to cancel printing the graphic I was trying to 
print in Gimp.

Now I COULD keep editing in Gimp, saving as a file compatible to Paint Shop 
Pro, opening the graphic with Paint Shop and printing from there but that's 
kind of a pain.

Any ideas, suggestions would be very helpful, other than trashing Windows 
(which isn't an option since I don't own this computer, I just have to work 
with it). Kodak's out-sourced support was NO help at all.


ChadBJX (via gimpusers.com)
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