I just installed gimp with Ubuntu 10.10. Simple problem. Any way I try to 
print, the printer produces a blank sheet of paper.  HPDeskJetPro prints any 
other program's output. It seems that the package on Ubuntu gets the 2,6.10
with the cairo software that doesn't work. Have I answered my own question?



>>Can you print _anything_ from Gimp?

>>If you can print a very tiny image, maybe it is a printer memory problem.

>>Sorry, I can't help further.  I don't have Vista and I am sitting here 
>>emailing from Ubuntu.  ;-)

>>I will have to get Vista soon (for certain software we will be required to 
>>but I will run that under Vmware on the Ubuntu (as I do with XP, W2K, Win95, 
>>RedHat Linux, and Unixware!).


>Hi Jay,
>Thanks for the idea. I was trying to print a fairly large graphic file size. 
>Will try a small simple graphic and will also try saving as a .jpg instead of 
>Gimp's default format and see if that works for me. I'll let you know but it 
>may be a few days until I can get back to the forum to let you know.
>Thanks again.
>I love forums -- You usually get the best answers there.  :)

geoffrey (via gimpusers.com)
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