1.  I have an illustration with a few layers (lines and colours).
2.  I drag and drop, let's say, an image of a TV onto the illustration.
3.  I move the TV's layer down to below all the layers, so that it's at 
the bottom and appears partly behind, say, a cabinet.
4.  I want to scale and rotate it so that it looks better (still behind 
the cabinet).  I click the Rotate tool.
5.  When I rotate the TV, it no longer appears behind all the other 
layers (and, thus, behind the cabinet).  It appears as if it were the 
top most layer and, thus, in front of the cabinet.

Is there a way to make it NOT do that?  This is because I physically 
can't see behind it, so my rotating becomes guesswork; if my rotation is 
wrong, then I undo and try again, which becomes a bit tedious.
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